Our Mission

To be a recognized as Efficient Engineering Consultancy Services Provider, NANDOM to demonstrate our value in interaction with our client, co-workers, partners and stakeholders:

New Advance Technology

Accountability & Professionalism

Networking & Teamwork

Dedication and Customer Oriented

Output Driven Superior Result

Motivated in and outside

Our Vision

To be recognized as efficient Engineering Consultancy services provider in specializing in


Our Commitment

NANDOM is responsible to the design, constructions and overall quality of completed works.

We shall ensure that all design and implementation of the works take into consideration all aspects specified in the guidelines, specification or directives including health and safety of person involve in the construction, operation and maintenance of the works.

NANDOM to undertakes the supervision of the construction and installation of the works.

NANDOM is responsible for the proper execution of the work and shall continue to be responsible until completion of the works.